Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie Day

Review-This book was very interesting. It had a unique plot, following Heidi, whom creates an invisible boyfriend to please her friends. This creates all kinds of trouble in her life, and she needs to get rid of him.

   Heidi was a very likable character. She was very funny, too. Ludo is Heidi's very girly friend. Dai is one of Heidi's other friends. Then there is Fili, the emo girl who is still a good friend. Last is Ed Hartley, the sympathetic, motorcycle-riding, invisible boyfriend. The characters were all well-developed.

   There was only one annoying thing in this book:when Heidi says things like:

   All in all, it was a light and fun read!If you have some time to pick it up, you should.
You will enjoy it.

Overall-A good, light read.
Cover-LOVE IT!Heidi is so pretty!

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